An animation video for Microsoft core;
a digital platform with Confiz solutions.

We were approached by confiz solutions to help them build a visual and experiential narrative for a digital platform that smartly helps correlate information for quick and relevant access via a cloud. We decided on building characters from which the story unfolds. “Katie” became our homie and as we solved Katie’s conundrums via the concept of CORE; before we knew, we already finished the script. It was important to understand the flow of how Core worked to replicate and project the feel of the software itself. The colours and linear quality became a design element and from their environments and animation transitions were carefully plucked to enhance easiness.

What we loved

The project brief was technically precise and creatively abstract. We were told to explore circumstances and situations that best suited the usage of the cloud concept which made all of us switch to alternative roles and ambitions to weigh down the best example. Making animations were new for us, but we’d love to give it another go now that we’ve learnt how to play with it.

  • Project

    Logo, animation, direction

  • Deliverables

    Content Design

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