Crescent Bahuman Limited


Crescent Bahuman Ltd.

Denim Manufacturing gets
cooler and quirkier.

Cbl according to us; dances on a hippie tune. The way they create their garments to how they present themselves borrow the command of vintage with today’s fresh trend of mute non-challant childishness as a form of expression and we loved that. Cbl asked us to start off by recreating a fresher narrative affirmatively. We got engulfed with their plant premises being so lush and green, with little cozy colonies, straight lined dormintories, and architecture; vast and extremely well maintained.

With further introduction to the departments and services, they revealed acres of land for manufacturing keeping all health and safety precautions and certifications, as they work with pretty famous European brands like Levi’s and Only.

What we love

The directors have a rather passionate love for nature; as referenced to the site with a quote: “This is not an ordinary love story” hints on an affectionate and warm stance on sustainability and preservation. Mr. Nasir Shafi, acting chairman of CBL is responsible for planting more than 30,000 trees that today crosses the doubled story facade with pride.

  • Project

    User Experience Design, Digital Design

  • Deliverables

    Website design, Digital branding

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