MK | Dune


MK | Dune

Design the store and execute it keeping in mind the dual nature of the requirements of the clients in question.

Dune and Michael Kors came to us as very well established brands looking for some place they could let their imaginations run wild. Their international influence and the elegance that emanated from the designs they put out into the world vouched for them. This theme stayed more or less constant throughout. We made sure we visualised their interior with just as much class as they visualised their products. What was eventually achieved was a shop in shop concept inside packages with a space divided, quite literally in HALF, to cater to both the clients.

Our Story

The challenges that came with designing a space that was accommodating to both Dune and Michael Kors was intriguing to say the least. Merging them together, keeping both the geography and their individualistic designs in mind kept us entertained till the very end. What emerged was something neither of the parties expected.

  • Project

    Interior, Fabrication

  • Deliverables

    Interior Design, Fabrication Design

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