Pakistan Furniture & Weddding Expo


Event Mania

Big Expos need just as big of a word of mouth. This word of mouth is split up into brochures (things that can be distributed), online influence and much more.

The event, organised by an event management firm by the name of Event Mania, focused mainly on interior design. It was an Expo that was conducted both in Karachi and Lahore. They came to us specifically for a brochure that was designed keeping in mind the furniture that was supposed to be showcased on the day of the event.

Our Story

Working with an event management company meant aligning their specific coals with the way we envisioned “design”. Our creative team is as quirky and individualistic as they come. This was probably the reason behind how interesting the final product actually turned out to be.

  • Project

    Brochure Redesign

  • Deliverables


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