What started off as a project that was personal to Half Full Studios branched out and became popular. This popularity called for a great website Obcute could fall back on.

You know what's really tedious? Visiting house after house till you finally land on something you really want and after all that searching, being turned away simply because it does not meet your budget. Well who wouldn't love to shop for a house from the comfort of their home? What if someone told you virtual tours were now possible? Obcute brings that and much more to the table. It introduced the idea of a 360 viewing of properties that one might be interested in, for the first time. The rest is history. As it was a personal project, the website was dealt with accordingly.

What we love

Obcute’s website became as new age as they come. It simply had to be. No one had really introduced an idea of this sort before and we wanted our website to reflect that. What with the introduction of the age of technology and inventions, even websites have had to revolutionise the way that they look. When you stumble upon Obcute, that is exactly what you will get.

  • Project

    Website Redesign

  • Deliverables

    Digital Branding, Website

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