An international platform, built by a group of friends from the CASS business school out searching for a global network, in dire need of a website redesign.

Gone are the days when LinkedIn was popular. As the world gets more fast paced, people have started to move towards different ventures when it comes to connection with each other. Bringing people from all walks of life together, this platform is perfect for all business related ventures. They came to us as a group of friends seeking a website revamp and a fresh brand image and that is where our story starts.

Our Story

Why was it so much fun to work with a group of freshly graduated friends after all? Their fresh new mindset posed a plethora of fresh new problems. Matching our creative expertise to their bold new ideas was a challenge at first. Making it happen, however, was one of our most accomplished feats. It got us Plexus!

  • Project

    Concept and Packaging

  • Deliverables

    Website application, Website revamping

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