Real Denim


Real Denim.

We were approached by Real Denim, affiliated to the US group, for work related to their website. They needed a revamping of an already existing website and an established brand.

Real Denim’s story began quite a long a time ago. The US group, involved in the export of denim to Europe, UK, USA and Scandinavia, expressed their desires regarding launching a brand that catered to the local markets. Pakistan, at that time, was then in a dire need for legitimate denim. What started out as a small denim brand, affiliated with the US Group, quickly flourished into a big business almost overnight. We were in charge of marketing their brand keeping in mind the legitimacy of their material and how economical their prices were when it came to the Pakistani market.

What we love

Real Denim started out with a few retail shops and slowly doubled in size. Half Full Studios had never dealt with a brand’s E-commerce at such a large scale before. Everything, from the designing of tech packs and brand image to the design of the product, styling and the cuts were dealt with before the product was launched into the market.

  • Project

    Website Redesign

  • Deliverables

    Digital Branding, Website

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