Treschic Sweets and Bakers


Treschic Sweets and Bakers

"Meetha and Namkeen - Sasta aur Mayari."

Treschic Foods; a brand that firmly believes in celebrating life and what all it offers. On that note, they bring great taste of the healthy desi food, savoury items that brings happiness to your tummy and sweets that melt in your mouth. They started out small and now have opened up more than 5 outlets around Lahore; with many more in the pipe line.

Treschic is a humble and honest brand that wants to deliver and celebrate with the masses. The chefs are well trained, experienced and creative. The visual branding directed towards iconising every man and that meant everyone from Pakistan. We quickly started working on pattern designs, desi feeler as its core vernacular.

What we Loved

Packaging. Having more than 150 different box and container packaging, we asked for a direction. You know your in graphic bliss to hear the words "Whatever you want!" So we played and played till the day ended. :)

  • Project

    Concept | Print | Content | Strategy

  • Deliverables

    Branding | Digital marketing | Interior | Fabrication | product design

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